Michele Petrelli contemporary italian artist,

was keening about painting from when he was very young and he graduated from the Art School in 1991. In 1999 he obtained the title of technical designer. He says about himself:
“I am an enceph in a glass vial. I am a visual-auditory-tactile artist. I do not despise the material thought wandering in the spirit and in the humour”. During the first part of his life he did not have much painting. He drew horrible figures that seem to come from his emotional states. they were monochromatic designs with a strong black presence.
From 2008, Petrelli lives happily with his partner away from the city. He has painted a lot in these years.

Michele Petrelli's style

Eclectic and visionary artist, Michele demonstrates an intuitive instinct for handling his pencil and paintbrush, and a palpable fascination with the human form and physiognomy. Some of his subjects often lose their contours, with details engulfed by colour and expressive brushstrokes. He painting impressions of the mind accurately imprinted and conserved on canvas. Drawing is a key element of his work and often dominates his compositions. The subjects of his later paintings are mysterious and disturbing characters, humorous transfigurations of common people, deities or monsters.
The visual talent observes matter in analytic way, but also trascending and abstract it with a personal taste, mere realism. The choice of sequences is permeated by the heart’s vibrations, more than the ones of the mind and contributes, together with tecnique and big size canvas of the artworks, to create an emotional explosion in the observer. The iconografic style is derived from a personal, “luminous” modern expressionism. The synthesis doesn’t simply affects the strong line of the palette knife, the fast brushwork, or the reduction to monocromy or bicromy. Petrelli makes unique mixed media artworks. They are a mixture of traditional techniques (acrylic, pastel, watercolor, oil, etc) or mixed techniques (photography, collage, new-media, etc) or both.

The artist paints the female face crossing the oceans of human emotions. Favorite artists, masters and sources of inspiration are: Rembrandt, Van Eyck, Rubens, Hals, Van Dyck, Vermeer.
The "No fear of Dark" project was born because of a huge desire of socio-cultural change. Being unable to modify the external space, the contemporary italian artist Petrelli transfigures himself, portraying himself with alien and vegetal appearence, using monocromies with the prevalence of black. The black-prevalent paintings are real "wooden totems" on which Petrelli often ceates a big materic relief. Sometimes subjects are hovering into void, other times they sink into marine abysses, or emerge from a twine of shapes, lines of light dissolve into abstract. Infinite perspectives of powerful architectures or very fragile structures, which may be moved by a blow of wind are the background of an intense onyric scheme. In "Unhuman Compassion" and "The Dream Devourer", Petrelli depicts the infinite impotence of the human being in front of the occult, the "non-manifest". The artist gains a prophetic power, an intuition coming from the falling of all mental patterns. If we were ufologists or psychics, we may say those visions can originate from a parallel dimension. A means to unveil to the ordinary man something happening in one of the three Times (present, past or future). Sometimes the subjects look pure and free, sometimes even ugly and gloomy. In this naturalness, without aesthetic patterns, is unveiled the real mood of that person, in that specific instant. The dynamism of the lines highlights this unstoppable succession of continuously evolving states. Frequently the author will hear from their words that “their gaze is hunting” or that “they are alive”.

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Art project 35×35
Publication and permanent collection of the Copelouzos Family Art Museum with "Faux Pas" painting.
Athens, Greece
Welcome Home
Exhibition curated by Roberto Lacarbonara
Palazzo Ulmo – 55 Taranto – Italy
Il Segno
Palazzo Ulmo – 55 Taranto – Italy
Sæsonåbning, udpluk af udstillingen
Gallery Tornby – 9881 Bindslev – Denmark
Exhibition curated by Kim Bernhard Tornby
Gallery Tornby – 9881 Bindslev – Denmark
“Save the Beauty” curated by Ilaria Miccoli
Co.61, via Paritario 61 Grottaglie – Taranto
AR[t]CEVIA – International Art Festival curated by Laura Coppa
Palazzo dei Priori, Corso Mazzini – 60011 Arcevia – Ancona
“Tutto Quadra” Collective art show curated by Ilaria Miccoli
Tavlì Cafè – Strada Angiola 23/a – Bari
Startup SpazioTempo curated by Roberto Ronca
Castello di Acaya – Lecce 
Urbane Con-Fusioni Contemporary Art Show curated by Ilaria Miccoli
Cantiere Maggese – Taranto
Casarita “Art for pleasure” curated by Luigi Amati
Via Berardi 81/83 Taranto
“Le Visioni” – Literary Cafe
Via Ostiense, 95 Roma curated by Vincenzo Pultrone
Wine Art Gallery “Opere Vive”
Via di Palma, 118 Taranto
Adhara Exposition “Opere Vive”
Via Giacomo Leopardi Crispiano (Ta)
Gabbiano Exposition “Opere Vive”
Viale dei Micenei, 65 Taranto
Gabba Gabba Exibition “Vitty’s Party”
Via Tre Fontane, 8 Taranto
Event – exhibition “Pontile Lamezie Terme – nuova ipotesi”
Lamezia Terme
Finalist of the international contest “ – Attraction”

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