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We're Your Huckleberry ~ Act I, 23-25 May 2024
Physical - Ghent, Belgium ARTCRUSH Project

STELLAR, 2 April 2024
Physical - Lume Studios, New York, USA

ARTCRUSH gallery , 1-31 March 2024
Physical - Melbourne, Australia

ARTCRUSH Project , 13-19 February 2024
Physical - Gare du Midi Brussels, Belgium

Blue11art exhibition, October 2023
Physical - Time Square NYC, USA

WEGIL 14 - 17 September 2023
Physical - Largo Ascianghi, 5 (Trastevere) Roma

Medici 1563 Genesis exhibition, November - December 2022
Physical - Miami, USA Miami Art Week

London exhibition, November 2022
Physical — Shoreditch, London ARTCRUSH Project

Ghent exhibition, October 2022
Physical — Ghent, Belgium ARTCRUSH Project

Disruption, October 2022
Physical W1 Curates in collaboration with 33 NFT & The Medici Collection - Flannels London

Time Square, June 2022
Physical - The Medici Collections NFT NYC 2022

35x35, January 2017
Physical - Permanent collection of the Copelouzos Family Art Museum

Sæsonåbning, udpluk af udstillingen, April 2014
Physical - Gallery Tornby - Bindslev - Denmark

AR[t]CEVIA - International Art Festival , September 2012
Physical - Palazzo dei Priori - Ancona

Tutto Quadra, November 2011
Physical - curated by Ilaria Miccoli - Bari

SpazioTempo, August 2011
Physical - Acaya Castle - Lecce

Le Visioni, November 2010
Physical - Literary Cafe - Roma - Attraction, November 2007
Physical - Finalist of the international contest  - Trieste

Michele Petrelli contemporary italian artist,

was keening about painting from when he was very young and he graduated from the Art School in 1991. He says about himself:
“I am an encephalon in a glass vial. I am a visual-auditory-tactile artist. I don't despise the thought that wanders into the spirit of things.”. During the early part of his life he drew horrific figures that seemed to come from his emotional states. They were monochromatic drawings with a strong presence of black.

When I was younger, after a carefree childhood and adolescence, I arrived without realizing it, on the threshold of an abyss. I felt that I could never go back but that the only way was through it. In doing so, however, I lacked the courage to keep my eyes open. Defeated then, I tried to turn back with a great dread inside me that I was running out of time. This terror became so great that I could no longer sleep and it amplified all my sensations. Everything brought me suffering. The beautiful things I saw and heard made me think of all that I had lost. While the bad ones described exactly where I ended up. I was trapped as some kind of ghost still wrapped in bone and flesh. Over the years, this fear of mine has grown weaker and weaker. However, the dark times still come back from time to time bringing me back to that otherworldly dimension. When they arrive, I can only wait for them to dissolve.

This dark side of him is still present today and is collected in the gallery entitled "Shadowy".
From 2008, Petrelli lives happily with his partner away from the city. He has painted a lot in these years.

Petrelli's style

With more than two decades of artistic exploration, Michele Petrelli masterfully combines vibrant elements of nature and humanity with the fascination of darker themes in his works. Preferring to represent the enigmatic shadows of life, Michele's artistic journey has evolved significantly, embracing both analog and digital techniques. His process often begins with an analog sketch in acrylic, later digitized and enhanced by custom-designed digital brushes that mimic realistic strokes. Michele prides himself on the continuous refinement of his tools, emphasizing that his creative process remains free of automated aids. His commitment to authenticity is further demonstrated by videos that capture his artistic journey.
In the "Shadowy" collection the subjects hover in the void, at other times they sink into marine abysses, or emerge from a web of shapes and lines that dissolve into the dark. Infinite perspectives of powerful architecture or very fragile structures, which can be moved by a gust of wind, are the background of an intense oneiric scheme. Petrelli depicts the infinite impotence of the human being in front of the occult, the "non-manifest".

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