Drawing and Painting portrait unfinished style

Video Class | Drawing and Painting portrait unfinished style with Michele Petrelli



During this class I will show you how a portrait is born. The process starts from the choice of materials, the design of the drawing, its correction, the subsequent enrichment of details, the background color and the painting of part of the face. Drawing means building a compositional structure. Painting means freeing it from the limits. (Michele Petrelli)


  1. Chose the reference
  2. Materials to draw
  3. the synthesis of a face
  4. drawing a eye
  5. draw hair and mustache
  6. Materials to paint
  7. Paint the background layer
  8. The color of flesh
  9. Paint the last layer


Title: "Video Class | Drawing and Painting portrait unfinished style with Michele Petrelli",
Language: Italian and English subtitles
Media: Mp4
Size: 1290x1080px fullHD 48min.


I am an art lover and I am satisfied with this course. I don't have much time to watch many hours of video. This is a concise course but it explains a lot of things that I didn't know. I follow Michele Petrelli on instagram. I love his work and I really wanted to know how he did it.


I was looking for a drawing teacher. Then I saw that Michele Petrelli had filmed this course. He teaches the drawing technique with great professionalism but in a simple way and reveals the path to create a painting in the master's style.


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