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Portrait 304 Time and Space

In the previous post on the portrait of Cate Blanchett, someone gave me the opportunity to talk to you about another sore point. Those who paint must solve two important problems: time and space. The artist can move back and forth in time. But often when he goes too far he is no longer understood by his contemporaries. If he tries to recover something from the past, he must resist criticism and confrontation. Only on this first point we could write a treatise. But I also wanted to focus on space. As a boy I attended art school. I remember that my drawing was 100x70 cm (39 x 27.5 ''). I could literally take flight on windy days. The artist has always needed more space than others. When you paint or sculpt you can fill endless warehouses, if you have them! When you don't have all this space, you have to make choices. Trash old things which is really a pity! Personally, I don't like disorder. But painting I find myself unwittingly untidy in a short time.

Time and Space

Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©


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