Michele Petrelli

Artist Painter
Taranto/Puglia/Italy michelepetrelli73@gmail.com

Spiraling, spinning, and fast splashes of colours are the means by which Michele Petrelli looks at the inside and outside world. Following the physical laws of light, his art delivers both objects and human forms in an analytical, detailed way; but, at the same time, it transcends and abstracts the hidden, universal idea from the concrete particulars, exceeding the slavish realism. Petrelli’s pictorial style can be compared to a bright, personal impressionisms of our time. In his brushstrokes, the pulsating, erratic vibes of heart prevail on the schematic, strict patterns of rational mind. Through his impressions, the artist fixes his most intimate and elusive impressions, triggering a persistent emotional afterglow in the observer. [...]
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