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Figure 142 Nude

Here in Italy the storm seems to have passed. Despite this, apart from two dives in the sea yesterday, I continue to maintain a certain degree of solitude. I think it is a necessary condition for painting. On the other hand, I have never been interested in attending certain art lounges, perhaps giving me importance with an original look as a cursed artist. I have long hair at the moment. But I think they already rediscovered them in the 60s. During this quarantine I missed the walks on the cliff to admire the sea. Source of so much inspiration. It's been a while since I like to use green with some blue tone. The red approached as complementary, suggests vitality. I saw something similar in the Coral Reef.

Figure 142 Nude


Title: "Figure 142 Nude",
Size: 60x50cm.
Media: Acrylic, archival ink, pencils on Paper.
Material: 300gr weight High-quality paper.
Style: Impressionism, Fine Art


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