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Veronica's first note (2602)

Veronica's first note (2602)

Veronica's First Note © 2024 A strange story is told about an opera singer at her first audition. Veronica had great talent but as is often the case with other novices, it was hampered by her excessive shyness. Veronica fought her insecurity with aggersiveness. The stronger her embarrassment, the higher her anger became, despite her slender and elegant appearance. On the day of her performance, in the dressing rooms she shouted like a madwoman at everyone. She was fighting with the musicians, with the costume designers. Entering the stage she looked defiantly at the audience, advanced toward the microphone and anticipating the moment of her opening emitted a soprano high note from which a tiger materialized. Exactly. Out came a real tiger from her larynx. Many considered that a moment of pure spectacle. The standing spectators began to applaud in disbelief at what they had just seen. But they had all entered a suspension of reality where even danger was lost sight of. Indeed, the applause frightened the tiger that mauled the entire orchestra. Veronica now completely out of her mind, kept singing and people ran trying to get to safety. This tragic story was remembered as: Veronica's First Note

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