1224 Ectoplasm - MICHELE PETRELLI | Contemporary Artworks

1224 Ectoplasm


self-portrait - unfinished
Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©

Not minted
Ectoplasm 1/1, as of now, is not for sale on any platform.
When I was younger, after a carefree childhood and adolescence, I arrived without realizing it, on the threshold of an abyss. I felt that I could never go back but that the only way was through it. In doing so, however, I lacked the courage to keep my eyes open. Defeated then, I tried to turn back with a great dread inside me that I was running out of time. This terror became so great that I could no longer sleep and it amplified all my sensations. Everything brought me suffering. The beautiful things I saw and heard made me think of all that I had lost. While the bad ones described exactly where I ended up. I was trapped as some kind of ghost still wrapped in bone and flesh. Over the years, this fear of mine has grown weaker and weaker. However, the dark times still come back from time to time bringing me back to that otherworldly dimension. When they arrive, I can only wait for them to dissolve.

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