1223 Absinthe - MICHELE PETRELLI | Contemporary Artworks

1223 Absinthe


self-portrait - unfinished
Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©

Not minted
Absinthe 1/1, as of now, is not for sale on any platform.
Often as soon as I wake up, something a very strange thing happens to me that will surely have explanations, but which I haven't bothered to go looking for. If I close my eyes I see a tangle of lines and geometric patterns that as I focus, take the form of something distinguishable. Very realistic, almost tangible. I once saw a wagon with two peasants on it, standing still on an expanse of wheat. Another time I saw a very angry red mask. In all cases I was trying to hold the image and focus on the details to see how far this vision went. And it was disconcerting to find that there was no end. These visions would last a few seconds and then vanish into blackness.

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