Impardonnable 657 - MICHELE PETRELLI | Contemporary Artworks

Impardonnable 657

Impardonnable 657

Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©

I have always been fascinated by dark images. When I was very young especially. But I never lost that vein. Around 2007 - 2010, I painted a series of illustrations. The collection was called, "Don't Fear the Black." It was actually an exhortation that I was making to myself. Those were not the happiest years for me. But art helped me a lot. Painting the darkness helped me to immerse myself completely in it. Without running away from it. I was trying to understand as much as I could from those moods. Patterns were being broken. I reevaluated my concept of "time" and everything else accordingly. Everything that breaks down, turns into something else.

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