Dans son rêve 1/1 - MICHELE PETRELLI | Contemporary Artworks

Dans son rêve 1/1

Dans son rêve

Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©

Mixed on canvas 47" x 28" + NFT 1/1
Private collection


G. tells of finding herself in a forest and being connected by long strands of flesh to her father's body floating weightlessly in the air. The forest in the background symbolizes the introspective journey started by the girl. I leave it open to you to interpret the rest of the symbols. Human bonds, especially the strongest ones like those between a father and his daughter, are meant to last forever.

This is a slow process of Human digital painting and classical painting. These techniques overlap and interpenetrate in different layers.

10000px x 5625px 300dpi
Aspect ratio 16:9

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