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Lyndon 987

Lyndon 987

Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©

NFT 1/1
Private collection.


The first imagine

When we get to know a person our mind invariably makes judgments. This defense mechanism is quickly triggered, even before we exchange a word; if it were not so, then we would be easy prey for someone who, for example, approaches us holding a gun. We would not sense the danger. Lyndon is not an aristocrat. But that was the first impression I got from meeting him. I even imagined and painted him in grand ceremonial clothes, as if he were a baron. During my initial observation, I had noticed The pallor of his complexion, his icy eyes, his thin, bloodshot lips, his long, black hair, and his Anglo-Saxon accent.
This initial image will compare over time with the more likely one because we will always have more data to paint her more accurately. But it will always be approximate, both because the data are never complete and because they often change over time.

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