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Violante (623)

Violante (623)

Violante (623) is a digital painting born from a mixed process. The sketch is done with a pencil on a cardboard and colored crayons. It is finally scanned and digitally painted. The background is a fractal created through mathematical functions. The image is a 2144px x 2144px .png file.


Title: "Violante (623)",
Size: 2144px x 2144px
Media: Digital media. Unique crypto-artwork.
Material: NFT.
Style: Expressionism, portraiture, mixed-media
Watermarker: The watermarker is only on this demonstrative picture.

You can find this cryptoart on KnowOrigin.

This license allows only to download and share the original works provided they are not modified or used for commercial purposes, always attributing the authorship of the work to the author.

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