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576 Philip


Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©

Another summer story. At the time I was out and about with my friend Philip. He was hippy and I thought I was too. He drove a really old car. The real problem was that only he was able to lead it. The handlebar was at a ten-degree angle out of control. The car could have taken the direction it wanted. It Anything could have happened. One evening there were also two very nice girls with us. After taking the second girl away from home, we headed for the coastal road. We were still walking through the inner streets of the residence. Philip and I chatted while he drove. We often discussed things of little importance. But it happened that taken from our speeches, we took the wrong road without realizing it. However, despite this, I always believed that Filippo had everything under control. Only he knew how to drive that car, after all. However, he didn't see the Stop that night and it has nothing to do with controlling his handlebars. We found ourselves on the coast road without even slowing down at the intersection. I even remember hearing the sound of the air moved by our crossing. Just like when you run through a door, from a small room to a larger one. Our heartbeats have stopped. For Filippo who continued to speak, nothing had happened. The chances of having an accident were very high because it was a very busy road. A Russian roulette. Several discussions arose about how distracted Philip had been. There was nothing to be done. He never wanted to admit it.


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