575 Elisa


Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©

This summer, taking advantage of the weakening of the epidemic, I went to the sea. In reality I have not done anything different than in previous years. There is a beautiful sea basin, between rocks and ruins of a broken road. They even built a ladder to be able to descend more easily. I meet more or less the same people. They are resident in that area. Among these bathers is Elisa. She fishes. She doesn't have a fishing rod. She uses a hook attached to a nilon thread and her hands. Elisa stays focused for hours. She doesn't catch many fish, but it's fun to watch her. She gets angry. For example, she gets angry with anyone who enters the area where she threw the hook. But this area is very big and people like me go down to that little hollow to swim! One day her brother also came to sea. His brother evidently knew how to fish. A short time after Elisa had positioned herself for fishing, he said:
"Elisa, but so far have you captured anything using that way?" - and there was a moment of silence.
"Why?"- She asked.
"You don't have to constantly pull the thread, you have to give the fish time to bite!".
The girl was very nervous but that was probably what she was fishing for. She was learning to be patient.

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