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534 Cinzia

534 Cinzia

Cinzia wanted to be an actress. She would have been a very good one. Very expressive, with an excellent memory. But Cinzia has a big issue: she has a personality disorder that makes her lie. All the time. Cinizia tells all kinds of lies and she is very good at it. She always follows a strategy. She manipulates people in a very natural way. She makes plans worthy of Machievelli and she always comes out with her head high. Unfortunately for her, sooner or later, she always gets caught. But she remains loyal to herself and puts the blame on the others. In a very childish way. Cinzia's life is filled with school and professional failures, abrupt breaks in her relationships. In spite of all this misery, Cinzia is unable to explain the source of her problems. Her lies.


Title: "534 Cinzia",
Size: 11,6 x 16,5 inch (29,5 x 42 cm)
Media: acrylic. Unique artwork signed on matboard (no watermarker).
Material: Canson fine art matboard.
Style: Expressionism, portraiture, mixed-media
White bordes: None.
Hand Signed: Yes.
Certificate of Authenticity:Yes.
Watermarker: The watermarker is only on this demonstrative picture.


This license allows only to download and share the original works provided they are not modified or used for commercial purposes, always attributing the authorship of the work to the author.

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