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520 Gabriella

520 Gabriella

Gabriella is a good decorator. She really has a lot of passion for her art. But what immediately comes to mind when I meet her is that she has never learned to drive well. I was once in the car with her. We were proceeding at a certain speed. The road got narrower because there was a line of stopped cars. Gabriella couldn't figure out the distances and "Thud!" She blew a mirror off one of those parked cars. I told her to stop but she continued undaunted. I yelled: - "Stop! But how the hell are you driving?" - And she replied very calmly: - "If it can console you, it's not the first time" -. But in that stationary car there was a person who started chasing us. She caught up with us and Gabriella finally stopped. A very elegant lady got out and came over and suddenly started banging the window on the side where I was sitting. She was frenzied, she wanted to break it but the grotesque thing was that she couldn't. And I, who hadn't done anything wrong, tried to hold the glass with both arms to keep it from breaking. The thing went on like this for a quarter of an hour: "Sbam! Sbam! Sbam! ..". Luckily the lady calmed down and the damage was compensated. From that moment on, I never got into Gabriella's car again.


Title: "520 Gabriella",
Size: 11,6 x 16,5 inch (29,5 x 42 cm)
Media: digital, ink, acrylic. Unique artwork signed on matboard (no watermarker).
Material: Canson fine art matboard.
Style: Expressionism, portraiture, mixed-media
White bordes: None.
Hand Signed: Yes.
Certificate of Authenticity:Yes.
Watermarker: The watermarker is only on this demonstrative picture.


This license allows only to download and share the original works provided they are not modified or used for commercial purposes, always attributing the authorship of the work to the author.

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