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349 Tentation

1) When and how was your passion for art born?
I believe this happened when I was 5 years old. I saw a street artist, a portrait painter who made a portrait of my sister. I saw happiness in my sister's eyes when she saw the drawing. I'm not sure what, perhaps the whole context, I fell in love with.
2) What is your main genre / genre?
Portraiture but also figurative and I love impressionism.
3) What artistic techniques do you use for your art?
I choose acrylic because it is faster to dry and it makes emotional painting easier.
4) What are your favorite subjects of your art?
I portray faces of people I know, possibly not beautiful and perfect. I really like flaws. I also highlight them, I don't hide them. I also happen to portray famous faces because I am a lover of film literature. I think I'm so attracted to faces because I want to understand more about the human soul. Understanding more then also about myself. The main theme is the unfinished. My portraits are not complete. They are left undefined. This happens because over time I learned not to forcefully fill the canvas. When I believe that a painting is finished, any other application on it will be extra and will weigh it down.

Questions about your ARTWORK🎨:
5) What does it represent? What is the main theme?
The painting represents a passage from the gospel that speaks of the second temptation of the devil to Jesus Christ. In my painting the devil wants to convince Jesus to throw himself off the cliff (take off his mask) because he will be protected by God.
6) Are you inspired by someone or something? If yes, by whom or what?
I was trying to give an important message to my compatriots with whom I still face Covid19. The message is to stick to the rules.
7) What kind of technique did you use for this job and what are the details (title, dimensions and materials used)?
The work is 42x60cm the title is "Tentation", acrylic, ink, pencil on paper


Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©


This license allows only to download and share the original works provided they are not modified or used for commercial purposes, always attributing the authorship of the work to the author.

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