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Portrait 294 Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

Why are your paintings not complete?》. I would answer this question with another question: 《When a painting is complete?》. There is a subtle balance between shapes, colors, lines and brushstrokes. They dance together until they reach a point of maximum harmony. This speech has nothing to do with the boundaries that support gives us. Identifying that point creates great satisfaction. Many artists skip it and proceed to the forced "closure" of something because it "must" be done that way. But they suffer a little as they proceed because they think about how they felt good at that point. They say inside of them: too bad I can't go back. However, one should not make the mistake of forcing the closure in a specific way before finding the point of harmony, because it would all be like a "broken relationship" and this would create some suffering. For other artists, the discussion is different. They find harmony exactly at closing.

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