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Portrait 293 Marked Face

Marked face

Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©

Today I would like to talk about the romantic relationship between an artist and his works of art. I'm talking about me of course but I'm sure someone will find themselves in what I say. Others no. I tell you right away that if a painting just done doesn't convince me, it will never become one of my favorites or better, it's very likely that after a week I'll start hating it. I can say that in most cases the parable of my liking over time always tends to shrink compared to my paintings. I'm happy with my last painting. But tomorrow this will take a back seat and I will love the new painting. This "intermittent affectivity" has touched many spheres of my life: work, love, friends. A real disaster! If I look back, I notice that those who dedicated their lives to art did not live very well, except someone who was a good businessman rather than an artist. Does art bring us bad luck? Does art haunt us? My answer is that the worst moments of my life were those during which I did not make art. Today I can suggest you follow your restless and crazy taste to the full, also because it's really hard not to do it.


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