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Portrait 287 Old Cowboy

Some of you asked me in the past why I represented Hollywood movie stars. I respond by trying to do it once and for all. I'm a great lover of film literature. He calls it "literature" because you will agree with me if I say that cinema is an art form in all respects. It is capable of arousing in us great emotions as well as painting and literature. In many cases, in the history of art we have seen how these two disciplines border on one another. Albrecht Dürer made engravings that represented the steps of Dante's Divine Comedy. The writer Victor Hugo was also an excellent painter and made very detailed architectural reconstructions. The ancient Roman painting of ceramography and frescoes was closely linked to ancient theater. Andy Warhol had a deep love for film culture, we see it in his "pop-art". I personally think that some scenes from Almodovar's films are works of art. Kubrick's shots may suggest great inspirations. Some actors, like this #jeffbridges has a face that has a powerful artistic charge. And from his image I relive all his beautiful films: Starman, Il grande Lebowski, The legend of the Fisher King, and many others. This is why I chose to represent it.

Old Cowboy

Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©


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