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Portrait 262 Erwin Schrodinger

Portrait 262 Erwin Schrodinger


Title: "Portrait 262 Erwin Schrodinger",
Size: 50x40cm.
Media: Oil.
Material: Canvas.
Style: Unfinished, Figurative, Portraiture, Fine Art

Who is the other from us?

Erwin Schrödinger wrote in 1944 that"consciousness is never experienced in the plural, only in the singular".
"The only possible alternative is simply to keep the immediate experience that consciousness is a singular the plural of which is unknown". 
"There is only one thing, and what seems to be a plurality is nothing more than a series of different aspects of the same thing, produced by an illusion (maya indian); the same illusion is produced by a series of mirrors, and in the same way, Gauri Sankar and mount Everest appear to be the same peak seen from different valleys".
Space and time are not rigid matrices. We delude ourselves that we live an individual experience. Instead, we are merged into one entity out of time and space: the unconscious.

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