Indian girl - Hyperrealistic painting


Indian girl, 2010, acrylic on canvas 150x90cm.

Work in progress

The subject is an idealized Indian girl. Style is hyperrealism. I start with a design with a very light pencil. I then paint one area at a time.

Acrylic colors are quite difficult to blend. You must learn how to measure the amount of water in the color. I am very relieved on the realization of the eyes and on the reflections wet on the iris. The lower eyelid part has dark roughness and is rich in skin pores.

The part of the jaw and cheek is colored green. The room is green, so it emits its color on almost all elements of the figure. The neck is in shadow. This contrast raises the face from the canvas.

The mouth is now more realistic. Its color is no longer magenta but is much more like meat. In the background there is a light coming from the left, The background is not separate from the figure. It is also noted in the part below the chin that the light penetrates and blends with the subject.

Here I photographed the detail of the shoulder and his pores of the skin. They are essential for a hystereistic painting.

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