574 Ingrid


Original painting by Michele Petrelli ©

I met Ingrid. During the university period. She was in the same Composition class as me. Youthful loves are the most intense. It is so true that I still remember all the sensations. We started dating without wasting time but ... There was something about her that was causing me pain. Her way of looking at the world was disturbed by something terrible. It was probably her past. I absorbed this suffering of her present even in the most intimate moments. My imagination then ran. I can't explain how much. I imagined scenarios with her on horseback with a lot of spear and shield. She faced a rebellious father and a host of demons. It was the beginning of time. Or she was dead. Now she was only spirit and was coming to get me to ferry me to the other world. In reality, I have never been able to investigate his past. To tell the truth, I don't even know anything about his present. Ingrid and I lost sight of each other.


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