Anatomy for Artist - Zbrush Character Design Book

Anatomy for Artist - Zbrush Character Design
Michele Petrelli

To become a professional sculptor, a respectable artist, you must categorically know drawing and anatomical drawing. It will not be necessary to study anatomy scientifically from a medical manual, even if it would not hurt. But what you need is to know it for purely artistic purposes. Knowing anatomy will be the most fundamental point to make you attractive in the world of work as a character modeler. I will start with an introduction to digital sculpture with Zbrush and in parallel I will deal with drawing from life and artistic anatomy.

Initially I will explain the basics of Zbrush, its interface and the workflow to make you immediately productive. Then starting from a simple sphere, I will model a character in the smallest details. These lessons will be interspersed with anatomical illustrations for learning the drawing of the human body. The book also contains an explanation of the compositional rules for building good shots for your renderings.

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